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Petition to Repeal MNSure and Restore Affordable Healthcare to All Minnesotans

Whereas MNsure has harmed thousands of Minnesota  families by kicking them off of the healthcare insurance which they qualified for and were properly enrolled in, and harmed others by enrolling them in Medicaid without warning them that the government would be placing liens against their estate, we ask that the Governor immediately instruct the Commissioner of Human Services to halt these practices and justly compensate those hurt by these actions. 

Whereas MNSure has cost taxpayers over $250 million to build and still does not work nearly half of the time,  and has wasted $200 million in additional taxpayer money incorrectly putting people onto programs they don’t qualify for, and has stressed out,  and harassed thousands more with erroneous and unnecessary letters , and

Whereas other hardworking Minnesota families are struggling to get and pay for health insurance made all the more expensive by the expansion of MNSure,

I, the undersigned do call upon the Governor of Minnesota to seek approval from all necessary state and federal agencies to repeal MNSure.  


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